Ajwain Seeds

Ajwain is a member of the umbelliferae family. It includes dill, caraway and cumin. Mostly found in Indian cooking as a spice. It is also known as bishop’s weed or carom. It is found in the state of Gujarat in India.

Ajwain is an herb which has a sharp smell and taste. It is non irrigated crop. They are mostly used as whole form and rarely used as powder. It is used in small amount. It is used as a part of tadka for many dishes.

Uses of Ajwain

Ajwain seeds contain an essential oil. It is about 50% thymol which is a germicide used in toothpaste and perfumery.
It is used as household remedy for indigestion.
Other names: Ajowan, ajvain, ajwan, omum.

Product Specifications

Parameters Value
Calories 305
Total Fat 25 g
Sodium 10 mg
Dietary fiber 39 g
Protein 16 mg